Our jewelry contains gemstones and precious metals, such as sterling silver, sterling silver vermeil, 14k gold, and titanium.
To make sure your jewelry lasts longer and to avoid deterioration and damage, we recommend you take special care of it.

1. Keep a tidy jewelry box

To prevent your jewelry getting scratched, we recommend storing pieces separately in your jewelry box, using cloth or cotton bags or separators, to stop them coming into contact with one another. This will stop them getting tangled or damaged. Make sure your jewelry box is always tidy!

2. Clean gently

Clean your jewelry with neutral soap, a soft brush, and lukewarm water. It is normal for silver, for example, to rust when it comes into contact with air. We recommend you take extra care of this kind of jewelry and wash it frequently with soap and water, and using a non-abrasive cloth.

3. Take extra care of gemstones and diamonds

Gemstones are hard but fragile. Avoid hitting them on hard surfaces and protect them from rapid temperature changes. Gemstones may also feature unique, one-of-a-kind characteristics. These small variations and formations make them exclusive.

4. Avoid chemical and abrasive products

The materials that make up a piece of jewelry, including gold, silver and natural gemstones, and especially those of natural origin, are very sensitive to specific chemical products.

Direct contact with cleaning products, hairspray, perfumes, cosmetics and body creams should therefore be avoided as they may contain harmful chemicals. If your jewelry comes into contact with any of these products, we recommend you wash it immediately with neutral soap and water.

5. Avoid mishandling your jewelry

You should never force, twist or tighten your jewelry. If you’d like to make alterations, you can rely on SUOT STUDIO. We’ll alter your jewelry in our specialized studio, effectively and with the greatest care.

6. Maintenance and size alterations at

At SUOT STUDIO, we offer a maintenance service to help keep your jewelry in the best possible condition. If you need our maintenance or size alteration service, get in touch with us using the form below and we’ll contact you:

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